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Leather has played a vital role in the history of mankind. From the dawn of time man has used leather to clothe himself. Later man wrapped his feet with skins to protect them from sharp stones. This enabled man to travel farther in his quest for food, to follow migrating herds and explore new terrains. His first tools were that of slings and crude axes, used to trip and kill and his game. These were constructed of leather thongs weighted with stones and thrown at the animals legs. The crude club had a chiseled stone lashed at one end with leather thongs to deliver the final blow. With these man was able to provide sustenance for his family. Leather hides were then used as mobile shelter so man could follow the migrating herds. Leather bags, the forerunner of today's handbags, were created so the women could carry the berries, roots, and wild vegetables that they foraged for. Cooking pots and water basins were fashioned from leather and with them the women could provide nourishing meals for their families. Small skins were used as wine and water bottles. Mankind was on the move. The first armor to protect man from his enemies or charging animals was leather. Thick leather hides were cut and shaped into breastplates and hardened by fire to be used to protect him in battle. In time man found that the comforts and usefulness of leather had made life easier, he now had leisure time and began to write down his thoughts. These writings were first jotted down on thin skins known as parchment. As man advanced and knowledge spread, he learned to use and fashion more tools. With these he began to create many beautiful and useful articles out of leather. In today's world LEATHER, that primitive resource, has become a symbol of class, beauty and privilege; from fine leather handbags to exotic leather cases...truly we have never forsaken this valuable resource. I strive to follow in the footsteps of our ancestors and it is this, my field of expertise in custom crafting and repairing leather goods, that I continue to pursue that blend of beauty and function. Long live the Caveman. We owe him much. Please be mindful of our environment, help keep our cattle healthy. 
Below: Myk, Sarah, and Pedro working at the Texas State Capitol cleaning, re-conditioning and repairing the House of Representative's chairs. All work done inside the House Chamber.
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Myk creates leather goods that are both practical and beautiful. Custom leather that will last years of loyal service with the right leather care. Archeologist are still discovering beautiful, leather goods in ancient tombs and vaults. Custom made leather goods are a unique way of expressing your individuality and promoting the dedicated leather artisan. Everybody has mass-produced items, but the discerning few who march to the beat of their own drum, appreciate that "just for me" custom made leather belt, wallet, purse, bracelet, or curio item. Having something custom made just for YOU is what I am here for; to make it happen.
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